South Bank MasterplanA Masterplan of Microgeography

Completing 2024 (75 Homes)
South Bank, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
31.2 acres
19 Ocean Villas, 18 Lagoon Villas, 38 Boathouses
Antonio Zhivkov

Designed in its entirety by Blee Halligan, this complex masterplan is for a collection of 19 Oceanfront, 19 Lagoon, 38 Boathouses and 12 condominiums. Set on a virgin site of 32 acres, the project aims to integrate homes sensitively into 4 unique natural environments; an ironshore, a dune, a lagoon and a peninsula.

Each design is borne from the microgeographies present on the site and conceived for those with an adventurous spirit and passion for the ocean. Each house typology has a unique relationship with the water and the land; the Banks and Shoal Villas are sited on a rugged ironshore coastline and have dramatic swimming pools that allow residents to swim out to a cliff edge.

The Dune Villas hunker a three storey villa behind the dune apex and nestle organically shaped pools into the dune hollows. A man-made lagoon with a beach has been created at the centre of the scheme which allows a calmer enjoyment of the water for our Lagoon Houses. These sit raised above a sandy shore at the water’s edge and are inspired by the perched positioning of Malibu beach houses.

The Boathouses have individual boat docks fronting a marina and are clustered around a central shady community park with a shared swimming pool. Infrastructure works project broke ground in Summer 2019 and our first 2 villas commence in Spring 2020.

Each house typology has a unique relationship with the water and the land.