Ocean MountElevated Living in a Rugged Setting

Pre-Planning Stage
Turtle Tail, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
1350 sqft GIA
2 beds, 2.5 baths
Blee Halligan

This twin-villa project is located at the apex of Jim Hill overlooking Flamingo Lake on Providenciales, where a neighbourhood of high-end sea-fronting homes has become well-established.

Our site was located one lot back from the ocean, in a valley peppered with native cactus and wild frangipani. It felt a world apart from the ocean villas, but with high-vantage ocean and lake views.

The site is at 70’ elevation, and heavily exposed to the easterly tradewinds and vulnerable to the natural path of hurricanes. We wanted to offer an alternative to the ‘high-end’ with a design that was ‘back-to-nature’.

The two homes inhabit two hollows in the site - one formed by a previous excavation for a home that failed to materialise. They both share access to a beautiful stone walled fire-pit that was formed as a parking area for the previous project.

The stone walling of the two new homes will be of limestone quarried from the site itself. Both will be single-storey and ground hugging in order to fit within the profile of ‘wind-pruned’ vegetation that is currently present.

We conceived the design at a series of tapered stone terraces that appear to be materially anchored into the site, much like agricultural walls that feature in terraced mediterranean olive groves.

We wanted to visually terrace the house so that it sat comfortably within the contours and profile of the hill. We called the project ‘Ocean Mount’ in reference to seamounts under the ocean - which this hill would have been thousands of years ago.