Garden PavilionsBeach Villas in a Botanic Garden

Completed 2021
Beach House, Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands
9896 sqft GIA
7 beds, 8.5 baths
Antonio Zhivkov

Deep overhangs and shallow pitch roofs respect the existing architecture, with modern inflections.

This project is located on an exceptional stretch of beach on an exclusive island in the British West Indies. Our client’s site varies much in terms of the specific qualities of the coastal experience and the atmosphere of its interior landscape. Manicured and botanic-like gardens are the setting for a series of new ‘Garden Pavilions’. These each provide additional guest bedroom suites to increase accommodation for the family, whilst opening up the interior garden to be more fully experienced, as a counterbalance to the existing beach house.

The new Garden Pavilions are clad in smooth, white coralstone in order to differentiate themselves from the existing buildings of rough coral render. They are robust, simple and elegant forms with deep overhangs and shallow pitch roofs that respect the existing architecture, but with modern inflections. Each pavilion is to be delicately placed between structured planting and pools so as to feel enveloped by nature.