Project Photographed : FIVE ACRE BARN

BLEE_HALLIGAN  715788 copy copy.jpg

The cedar shingles have started to weather down to a silver grey, so it was the ideal moment to capture Five Acre Barn before the Autumn weather sets in. The project has been entered into the new Architects Journal Awards in the Leisure category and we have experienced a spike in website traffic since the project appeared in the Guardian and on Dezeen this week. This project was part self-build, and is a testament to the determination of our clients, Bruce and David, who worked with


endless good humour to finish the project to an incredibly high standard. They even made the sofa seat cushions and curtains at the point in the project when most of us would have just gone online and done an Ikea order! We are confident that Five Acre Barn is going to be a great success and we are delighted to have made a contribution to the burgeoning local contemporary architecture scene in Suffolk. For reservations go to: