We have been appointed to develop designs for a stunning site on an undisclosed island in the British West Indies. The brief has been unusual and we are excited about designing something very unique for our clients. The house is situated on a steeply sloping, rocky terrain. You get a fundamental sense of connection to both the island's mountainous landscape and the undulatimg coral reefs that are close-by. Our initial designs have conceived of a villa nestled carefully into the rocky outcrops and local flora and fauna. A house that is low against the hillside and responsive and relaxed in the lay of the land. 


The geography and geological origins of the site will feel strongly present in the finished design. The low, sloping roofs - reflecting the hillside itself - are supported on horizontally banded stone walls that emulate the strata of the local rock. The mass of the building in the current design is broken into four wings that echo the split-rock formations along the shoreline of the site. This means that the visible bulk of the house is broken down into smaller fragments, further softening the form of the house against the hillside and giving the overall structure a modest scale, with the atmosphere of a cave-like retreat.