Casa Cliffhanger 3D_LONG copy.jpg

We have recently been commissioned to produce a villa design for a wonderful hill-top site overlooking a spectacular stretch of ironshore coastline in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The site is located on a peninsula of land at the end of a road that twists, turns and switchbacks on a beautiful journey through hillocks of indigenous landscape, with glimpses of inland salinas and the iridescent turquoise sea.  



The working title, ’Casa Cliffhanger’ reminded us of the dual brief for a solid, homely space to live (Casa), combined with an element of daring modernity which exploits the natural assets of the site (Cliffhanger). The main entertaining spaces, terraces and pools will straddle and embrace both of these living conditions and capture the best of the site's 180 ̊ panoramic views.