Windbreak Villa reaches topping out stage


Our Windbreak Villa has reached topping out stage. The masonry shell and pool structure is now complete, enabling an impression of the stepped form of the house to be fully appreciated within its context. The completed house design will sit sensitively into a protected primary dune system and its stepping plan and section will buffer the strong prevailing

north-easterly winds. The house will provide respite from the winds whilst also framing wide views out to sea and will be an ideal location for kite-board enthusiasts who want to enjoy the perfect boarding conditions of Long Bay beach. Construction is proceeding at a good pace and is due for completion in Autumn 2019.


South Bank Launched


Our new multi-home community called ‘South Bank’ has officially launched. Working again with our client Windward Developments we are creating a new island community, borne out of our shared passion for the natural beauty of the land and ocean on the south-side of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. Five house typologies inspired by the specific

topography and geology of the rugged natural terrain have been developed: Boathouses, Lagoon Villas, Shoal Villas, Bank Villas & Dune Villas. These are complemented by new waterside landscapes and park areas along with a new marina-fronting apartment block and communal clubhouse. The project is starting on site in April 2019.


Windbreak Villa Granted Approval

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 07.58.07.png

Building Permit has been granted for this six bedroom home, designed to respond to the coastal conditions of the site and to put visitors in close contact with the natural beauty of the local marine environment. This beach is a kiteboarding paradise with pristine, powder soft sand leading to the expansive shallow reef of the Caicos Bank, with steady winds throughout the year. The design responds to the protected primary dune system, by positioning courtyard bedrooms behind the dune with kitchen, living and


bedroom areas facing the leeward side. A number of sheltered outdoor spaces within staggered, groyne-like walls, offer protection from the wind and sun whilst also framing wide views out to sea. Inspired by the porous coral rock formations found along the bay, ‘pockets’ of indoor living space overlap in and around the stacked monolithic wall and roof planes that characterise its stepped and tiered form. Construction is due to start in early October 2018.



RIBA NATIONAL & East AwardS 2018 Winner !

Awards logo.jpg

Five Acre Barn has won three RIBA awards; a National, Regional and RIBA East Small Project of the Year. The jury commented: "Everywhere the finishes are simple and the mid-century furniture, artwork and light fittings bring a Shoreditch-style to Suffolk. What is most surprising, and pleasing given the standard of workmanship, is that the project has largely been a

self-build. The owners not only installed the cedar shingle cladding themselves, but completed most of the joinery and decoration. The scale and budget might be modest, but this imaginative building punches well above its weight".



BC Aerial Long.jpg

The Blue Cay Canal is now officially open. The milestone achievement was marked with an opening party on December 12th. The centrepiece of the new yachting-focused community is 130ft long by 85ft wide by circa 13ft deep. The canal enables the scheme's inhabitants 

to gain direct water-based access to the Leeward Channel and out towards the protected nature reserve of Mangrove Cay. The first four owners on the site have enjoyed their Christmas paddle-boarding, jet-skiing and sailing out into the channel and beautiful island chains beyond.


A Desert Modern New Year

DM Grid .jpg

Director Lee Halligan has spent Christmas researching the Desert Modernism of Palm Springs, USA. The architecture is some 50-70 years old but standing the test of time beautifully in the bone-dry conditions of the Coachella Valley.

The pioneering and powerful works of architects Richard Neutra, Albert Frey, E. Stewart Williams and Donald Wexler will be at the forefront of our minds and inspiring our work on both sides of the Atlantic in 2018. A Happy New Year to all!



Casa Cliffhanger 3D_LONG copy.jpg

We have recently been commissioned to produce a villa design for a wonderful hill-top site overlooking a spectacular stretch of ironshore coastline in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The site is located on a peninsula of land at the end of a road that twists, turns and switchbacks on a beautiful journey through hillocks of indigenous landscape, with glimpses of inland salinas and the iridescent turquoise sea.  



The working title, ’Casa Cliffhanger’ reminded us of the dual brief for a solid, homely space to live (Casa), combined with an element of daring modernity which exploits the natural assets of the site (Cliffhanger). The main entertaining spaces, terraces and pools will straddle and embrace both of these living conditions and capture the best of the site's 180 ̊ panoramic views.


AJ Awards 2017 Finalist : FIVE ACRE BARN

AJ News.jpg

Five Acre Barn is a finalist for the Leisure Project of the Year in the first AJ Architecture Awards, 2017. We met the judges last week on site - luckily the sun was shining which meant we could linger in the grounds, to show how the project is set into the rural landscape and bedding in with the new landscape gardens.

The judges were very positive about the project and particularly enjoyed the gallery space - our super-sized plywood lined hallway that will showcase the work of local artists. The winner will be announced at the awards dinner on 7th December at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.


Project Photographed : FIVE ACRE BARN

BLEE_HALLIGAN  715788 copy copy.jpg

The cedar shingles have started to weather down to a silver grey, so it was the ideal moment to capture Five Acre Barn before the Autumn weather sets in. The project has been entered into the new Architects Journal Awards in the Leisure category and we have experienced a spike in website traffic since the project appeared in the Guardian and on Dezeen this week. This project was part self-build, and is a testament to the determination of our clients, Bruce and David, who worked with


endless good humour to finish the project to an incredibly high standard. They even made the sofa seat cushions and curtains at the point in the project when most of us would have just gone online and done an Ikea order! We are confident that Five Acre Barn is going to be a great success and we are delighted to have made a contribution to the burgeoning local contemporary architecture scene in Suffolk. For reservations go to:


New Concept Design : SINK HOLE CABIN

The location for this guesthouse is a stunning landscape with panoramic views of a sound dotted with small islands and glimpses of a beautiful arcing bay. The ground is undulating with scaevola, dry shrub, cactus and mini silver palms pitted against a limestone terrain with sink holes. There is beauty in the azure blue of the water and in the rawness of the rocky ground. Our immediate thought was to tread lightly here. Any construction must try to leave the ground untouched where possible whilst providing space in which to enjoy the setting and optimise the views. The concept of a delicate cabin sitting above the terrain is enticing, yet the negatives of timber construction in the saline environment and the prospect of hurricanes lead us to think differently, whilst trying to attain the qualities of a cabin ‘held aloft’. 

We have proposed a concept of a ‘cradle’ of stone walls that hold a lighter structure within. The walls could be the only thing bearing on the ground with the slabs spanning between them. This structural solution is in some way like the sink-holes that delicately cradle loose plant-matter inthe crevices of the site. The roof appears to float above the stone walls and is slightly depressed in a ‘butterfly-roof’ formation to enhance the experience of the interiors opening-up toward the panoramic views. The same strategy is applied to the plan - with the ‘pinch’ at the centre of the east-facing facade amplifying the experience of entering and then being drawn to the landscape views. This solution was also adopted to reduce the apparent size of the building by it receding in scale at the middle from a number of key views.


Project Completion : FIVE ACRE BARN HOTEL


Five Acre Barn Bed & Breakfast nears completion! Located near to the Suffolk coast and the seaside towns of Aldeburgh and Thorpness, this project has been a labour of love for our clients Bruce and David who did much of the construction work themselves. The results reveal an unloved barn converted into a stunning piece of contemporary architecture, set into a mature garden landscape. Blee Halligan were commissioned to design the contemporary wing

to house five lofty rooms with mezzanine bed decks and double height living spaces. Entirely clad in cedar shingles, the new building sits comfortably in the garden landscape and will weather down to a silver-grey over time. Stainless steel gutters match the shingles to create a seamless object form with an undulating saw-tooth roof line. The historic barn has been converted to include a social living space, open plan kitchen and the owner's accommodation.



We have been appointed to develop designs for a stunning site on an undisclosed island in the British West Indies. The brief has been unusual and we are excited about designing something very unique for our clients. The house is situated on a steeply sloping, rocky terrain. You get a fundamental sense of connection to both the island's mountainous landscape and the undulatimg coral reefs that are close-by. Our initial designs have conceived of a villa nestled carefully into the rocky outcrops and local flora and fauna. A house that is low against the hillside and responsive and relaxed in the lay of the land. 


The geography and geological origins of the site will feel strongly present in the finished design. The low, sloping roofs - reflecting the hillside itself - are supported on horizontally banded stone walls that emulate the strata of the local rock. The mass of the building in the current design is broken into four wings that echo the split-rock formations along the shoreline of the site. This means that the visible bulk of the house is broken down into smaller fragments, further softening the form of the house against the hillside and giving the overall structure a modest scale, with the atmosphere of a cave-like retreat.