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Our Approach

‘We discover the building that was meant to be’

Our craft is in the process of how we work together with our clients. We guide them through a number of steps to take them from a blank canvas to a finished building, inspired by the journey we go on together.

Blee Halligan does not filter. We delight in complexity. We embark on a collaborative journey of creative investigation, to discover a solution that reflects the idiosyncrasies of place and the needs of our client. 

We forge together these unique set of ingredients with a consistent approach, not a consistent style. This requires creative investigation and exploration to discover what makes a site and brief special.

We do not work in isolation. We surround ourselves with books, but we love real (life) stories even more. Research into place breeds the authentic. We believe it fosters the unusual and special - and suppresses duplication or the pre-conceived.

We invest our time where it can make the biggest impact - we believe that with the right creative investigation and exploration we can inspire something extraordinary at any budget.

We dive deep. We embrace disappointment in order to stress-test our ideas. It is only through this iterative process of design, challenge and reflection that the best solution can survive.

We trust that the rough is necessary in order to achieve the smooth. 




Our Team

‘We are a team made up of people from every background. We challenge each other all day, every day’ 

Our studios in East London and The British West Indies connect together through a common goal of designing buildings that are connected to place, connected to function and connected to the people that use them.

Our team is built from some of the best design talent available. Greg and Lee have both studied and taught at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, one of the best architecture schools in the world. 

They understand that with the right support young talent can flourish. They offer their staff opportunities to run their projects with a system of quality assurance and review that safeguards our design output without restricting design flair.

Our team is open and curious, but ultimately we appreciate that our clients provide us with the fuel in the brief and the spark of the site in order to ignite our creativity. 

We are ambitious and optimistic. We believe these qualities nurture the best solutions for our clients and inspire designs that are carefully tailored, visceral and unique.